Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Pound of Flour

So the girls and I made pasta today.. Just one of those impromptu mommy playdates, you know how it is!

Pasta Dough
The recipe is super easy - 2 cups plain flour, 2 tsp oil & 2 eggs... this is the recipe that my mother has been making for as long as I can remember, but it's too generic to be a family secret ;) We also made some egg-free pasta for Phillipa, which we made the same way, but substituting warm water in place of the eggs, a bit at a time until the right texture was achieved.

Linda & Kym working the pasta machine 

More pasta!

Look at all that pasta!
The plan was to roll out the pasta sheets and then turn ~50% into fettuccine and leave the rest as lasagne sheets. We ran out of bench space jut before we started to cut the fettuccine, so Kym and I went hunting for a broomstick to hang the fettuccine over (old style!).. but Kym came up with a better idea - how about a clothes airer?!

Hanging pasta to dry..

Phillipa hanging out pasta
Best. Idea. Ever.
Then it was time for a quick half glass of wine while we waited for the pasta to dry enough to take home.
I don't know what the others did with theirs, but I cooked the fettuccine tonight (using another recipe of my mother's- Pasta Piselli e Funghi.. which is a fancy way of saying Pasta with peas, mushrooms, cream & parmesan) and I plan to make some Bolognese sauce tomorrow night so that I can put together a Lasagne for dinner on Friday when my mama comes to stay the night.
And incase anyone wants it, here is the Home Made Pasta recipe (.doc file) - let me know if you'd rather have it in .pdf form.

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  1. Pasta making is so much fun and so easy to do, especially with a great group of friends. I cant wait for tomatoes to fully come in season so we can make tomato sauce and enjoy both together.