Sunday, 29 April 2012

QCA Bee #2 May Block

Mock Needle-turn Applique

This month we are giving you a choice of completing a simple applique technique or a more involved block using the same technique.

Please have a look  at SewCalGal's web site for the technique we are learning this month.

Block One

I will be sending you the pre-cut hearts, stems and interfacing for block one. You will need to supply backing material in a white or patterned white cut to the size of a 12.5 inch square.

To complete block one you will need:

3x mock needle turned green hearts (refer to tutorial for mock needle turn method) 1x 1" green strip
12.5" square white background fabric (patterned/solid)

1. Take the 1" green strip and fold/press in half lengthwise. 
2. Fold background fabric in half and then half again, finger-pressing to mark the centre of the block. Open out. 
3. Pin one end to a corner of the background. Pin strip towards the centre point, while adding a gentle curve (similar to the way a plant's stem blows in the wind!).

4. Sew a scant 1/4" (from the raw edge) seam. Fold the fabric over to cover the raw edge and press flat. Top stitch (using a dark thread) along the folded edge to secure to the background material. Your stem is now complete.

5. Place one heart at the top end of the stem so that it covers the raw edges. Press so that interfacing adheres heart to the background fabric. Place the remaining two hearts to either side of the stem below the top heart, approx 1/4" apart. Press to adhere. Top stitch the hearts in a dark thread. 

Your block is now complete!

For those who are keen to step up the applique challenge, there are two card templates included in your little package. For block two you will need to cut:

4x large hearts in a mid/dark pink
4x large hearts in a fusible interfacing
4x medium hearts in a light/mid pink
4x medium hearts in green
8x medium hearts in a fusible interfacingFold
4x 1" strips (approx 6" long) in green
1x 1" circle in yellow (for centre of flower)
12.5" square of white background fabric (tone on tone textured ok)

Using the same method as block 1, use the mock needle turn applique technique with all heart shapes.

1. Follow steps 1-4 as per block 1, repeating for all corners so that there are a total of 4 stems meeting in the middle.

2. Using the picture as a guide, lay out the hearts, with the dark green at the bottom with points facing out (you can use the finger-pressed lines to centre the tips of the heart). DO NOT PRESS YET! Place the large pink hearts so that the tips meet in at the centre point. Adjust the green hearts as required. 

3. According to personal preference you can either layer all the hearts and then press, or you can press them in layers. I pressed them all together, Tracey pressed each layer of hearts individually.

4a. In complementary threads, top stitch the leaves and then the hearts. OR
4b. You can hand stitch the edges of the applique, as desired.

5. Place the 1" yellow circle in the centre of the flower. Applique or free motion "thread paint" as desired.

(Trace kindly let me steal her picture)
Block two is now complete!

I hope you enjoy this block and technique. There is alot of potential to use this applique method for range a designs or ideas.  Enjoy!

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