Saturday, 29 October 2011

Stitchin' sisters

Now that school holidays are over, it's back to routine (thank goodness!).. which means we're back to our Tuesday "Stitch n Bitch" craft mornings, yay! 
I spent the morning pressing seams, because my MIL broke her ironing board and I had all my Harry Potter quilt tumbler strips to press as well as my Christmas table runner squares.

 Belinda is doing an amazing job on her Kookaburra cross stitch - look at that birdie! She'll have it finished in no time, seriously.. she's only got his eye and the rest of the branch to go, I think (including some gum leaves?). Belinda did mention that next time she'll pick something that has more colours though! (as opposed to shades of the same colour)
 And Phillipa managed to get about 4 stitches done on *her* cross stitch in between making coffee, talking and feeding hungry children!
Sisters in matching aprons!
 Phillipa and I decided to catch up again on Wednesday so that we could get a little more done, and probably because we've been suffering craft day withdrawals and needed more than the hour or so we had on Tuesday. We were joined by Phillipa's sister Sandra, who needed to finish off her own Emmeline apron - having borrowed Phillipa's pattern (previously blogged about here). The girls looked so cute in their matching aprons! And I'd also like to give Phillipa's spinach pie an honourable mention - it was AMAZING! Because Phillipa can't have egg she added some sundried tomato and olive to the ricotta, feta and spinach (which she picked fresh from her garden!) and instead of filo pastry she used puff pastry. Total food win. I ate 2 pieces.
As for me, I laid out my HP tumbler strips in order, measured them and cut my horizontal sashing strips to size (with margin for error - I'll trim them up when I sash them all together) and laid out all my Christmas square pairs so that I could turn them into Christmas four patches. I'd been hoping to get back into my sewing room so that I could move on to the next phase, but the week conspired against me and I'm pinning all my hopes on tomorrow!

I also ironed my calico for the centre piece of the table runner (which needs to be embroidered) so hopefully when I make it into my sewing room tomorrow I can get it all sorted out to the point where I can be embroidering at next Tuesday's stitch n bitch! Fingers crossed.

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